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We briefly went over this idea of folding balloons recently, during the penguin tutorial, and earlier during the sword tutorial.

Now we're going to do an in-depth review of how to make angles with balloons...

Acute angles, right angles and obtuse angles. But with balloons, it's a lot more fun than in school! 

And as you'll see in the next videos, where we'll go back to creating balloon figurines, it's a very useful skill, along with making curves, for putting the finishing touches on a balloon sculpture.


Video Tutorial

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Hi! How do you make angles with balloons?

First, take the part of the balloon where you want to form the angle, and secure it between your hands, so that the balloon will be folded between your palms.

Then, you press until the folded part of the balloon disappears between your two palms. Sometimes you can even hear a little "pop" sound.

You then, very gently, let the fold out from between the palm of your hands by opening them slightly.

Then, you gently ease back on the rest of the balloon, and there you have it! That's generally enough to make an angle.

Now, if you want to refine your angle to make it even pointier, you take the balloon in one hand, with the folded angle showing between your thumb and forefinger.

You pinch the angle with the other hand until there's almost no more air in it, just a bit of latex between your fingers. You then rotate that bit of latex, held tightly between your fingers.

Then release it gently, so that air gradually comes back in. And then, ease back on the rest of the balloon.

Voila! As always, practice on your own before going on to another lesson with Mossieur Ballon.


Step-By-Step Photo Guide


1- Hold a balloon between your palms so as to bend it near your wrists.
2- Gently press the folded area between your wrists...
3- Until the bend is pushed away and disappears entirely between your palms. Hold it that way for a few seconds.
4- Then, you must first ease off the pressure from the base of your hands and gently move your wrists outwards to let the bent part of the balloon come back out.
5- Secondly, ease back the top of your hands and gently pull your hands away from each other to free the rest of the balloon.
6- Once released, the balloon stays bent into the shape of an angle.
7- You can do this again as many times as you like. All you need to do is to bend the balloon between your wrists and press...
8- until the bend disappears entirely between your hands.
9- Gently ease back the base of your hands, leaving the bent part of the balloon come back out from between your wrists.
10- Then gently ease back the top of your hands, pulling them away from one another to free the rest of the balloon.
11- This way, you can make several angles one after the other, to create a zigzag for example.
12- To make a pointier angle, all you need to do is take an already formed angle in the palm of one hand, with the bend sticking out between your thumb and forefinger.
13- Next, with the thumb and forefinger of your other hand, gently pinch the tip of the balloon…
14- then, just as gently, twist the bit of latex pinched between your fingers...
15- until the air is completely pushed out of it and there's only latex left between your fingers.
16- Gently release the twist for the air to gradually come back into the angle
17- Then, just as gently, release the two segments of balloon that were pressed into your palm.
18- Angles made in this fashion will be pointier.

And that was the end of this lesson!


Document pdf Download the PDF guide sheet with detailed photos of each step