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This is a review of a very simple technique: how to give a curve to a segment of balloon.

We first came across this technique while shaping the tail of the dog in our very first lesson.

This technique will enable you to give a more natural shape to many of your sculptures. For example, to reproduce the rounded shape of a stomach on dogs, teddy bears or penguins, or the curve of a flower's stem, of a sword's blade, etc.

We will go a bit further and you'll also learn how to make a spiral very simply (other methods exist but we'll see them later as they're a bit more complex). Spiral-shaped balloons can be used for a snake's body, to form the tail of the Marsupilami, or even to brighten up the suspension of a motor vehicle!

This tutorial is in two parts, the first one is a detailed video which is followed by a step by step photo guide. Last but not least, a comment section is now available if you need support.


Video Tutorial

Video in French, with English subtitles (if captions do not automatically display in your favorite language, you simply need to modify YouTube parameters at the bottom right of the video screen).

Hello, nice to see you again!

This time I'd like to work on curves; making curves with balloons!

All you have to do is rub the balloon against itself like this, gradually moving on until the balloon has done a full rotation.

This gives us a circle.

To get a spiral, the process is almost the same.

As we did for the circle, you rub the balloon against itself, but this time, don't let go of the balloon just yet, it has to keep the shape of a tense spring, while you keep turning it around itself.

Then, you take both ends of the balloon and pull them away from each other, Then, very gently, let go!

So, there you go, practice making your own spirals and circles.

And see you soon, for another lesson with Mossieur Ballon!


Step-By-Step Photo Guide


making balloon twisting curves, step 1
1- Take a balloon in both hands and bend it, near the knot.
making balloon twisting curves, step 2
2- Rub both segments against each other to move the crease downwards,
making balloon twisting curves, step 3
3- then upwards, several times.
making balloon twisting curves, step 4
4- Keep going back and forth, all the while guiding the balloon, and therefore the crease where the friction is taking place, forward between your hands
making balloon twisting curves, step 5
5- Little by little the balloon knot will move away from your support hand
making balloon twisting curves, step 6
6- The idea is to make the whole inflated portion of balloon go through this movement of friction made by your hands,
making balloon twisting curves, step 7
7- until the deflated tail end of the balloon reaches your twisting hand.
making balloon twisting curves, step 8
8- With this method, you can get an almost perfect circle.
making balloon twisting curves, step 9
9- To get a loop, the operation is almost identical, except that you shouldn't let go of the part of balloon that is passing through this hand movement.
making balloon twisting curves, step 10
10- You need to keep it compressed in a spiral shape as you gradually work on the whole length of balloon.
making balloon twisting curves, step 11
11- If it's too difficult to keep the spiral compressed only with your support hand, you can use another part of your body to help yourself (as seen in the video).
making balloon twisting curves, step 12
12- Once the whole length of the balloon is compressed in the shape of a spiral, firmly hold both ends of the spiral in each of your hands,
making balloon twisting curves, step 13
13- and gently pull each end as far apart from the other as you can, then let go just as gently.
making balloon twisting curves, last step
14- Once released, the balloon will keep its spiral shape.



Do you need more help with this tutorial?

This tutorial has been updated recently and a comment section has been added. Do not hesitate to use it if you have any reaction or question or if you need any kind of help. I'm here to help.



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