This is a review of a very simple technique: how to give a curve to a segment of balloon.

We first came across this technique while shaping the tail of the dog in our very first lesson.

This technique will enable you to give a more natural shape to many of your sculptures. For example, to reproduce the rounded shape of a stomach on dogs, teddy bears or penguins, or the curve of a flower's stem, of a sword's blade, etc.

We will go a bit further and you'll also learn how to make a spiral very simply (other methods exist but we'll see them later as they're a bit more complex). Spiral-shaped balloons can be used for a snake's body, to form the tail of the Marsupilami, or even to brighten up the suspension of a motor vehicle!

(Video in French, with English subtitles)


Document-pdf PDF guide sheet with detailed photos of each step







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