The absolute basic skill for balloon twisting: how to make bubbles.

If you knew nothing other than how to tie balloon knots and make bubbles, you would still be able to make quite a few (very) basic balloon sculptures.

Let's not forget that a bubble can either be perfectly round or be stretched out to form a kind of "sausage".

The biggest issue of beginners is making a string of consecutive bubbles (for example to form the head of the tiger or the frog). People have a natural tendency to contort themselves in every direction, to stretch their fingers apart until they get cramps, or even to commandeer someone else's hands because having two themselves just doesn't seem to be enough.

And yet, the solution is disconcertingly simple as this tutorial will point out.

Train regularly until all of these movements become second nature for you.

(Video in French, with English subtitles)

Document-pdf PDF guide sheet with detailed photos of each step







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