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This is a very basic tutorial about making balloon knots which a number of (early) beginners often find challenging.

But that is after all the ambition of this tutorial series: how to learn balloon twisting from scratch!

The technique used in this tutorial allows you to avoid friction from the balloon on the skin of your fingers. It may seem like a small detail, but it takes its full meaning when you have to tie hundreds of knots one after the other. And that will be you once your notoriety as a balloon artist reaches beyond your family, your neighborhood, or even your region. Which is why you need to pick up good habits from the start

Try slowly and regularly until you've fully imprinted this sequence of movements into your muscle memory and can carry it out quickly without even thinking about it.


Video Tutorial

Video in French, with English subtitles

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I would now like to simply go over how to make a balloon knot! Here's the trick I use, it may not be the only one or even the best one, but it works.

With one hand, you hold the end of the balloon between your thumb and forefinger, so that the opening is directed inwards towards your palm. With the other hand, you pull on the opening of the balloon, to get a good length of latex to work with.

You then position the middle finger of the first hand at the middle of this length, and turn it, moving your thumb away, so that there's a very wide loop around the ring and middle fingers, which are like hooks pointed towards your palm.

From behind you insert the opening of the balloon into the loop, and pull on it to tighten the knot. That's the trick! I hope this was clear.

See you soon, for another lesson with Mossieur Ballon!


Step-By-Step Photo Guide


1- Inflate a balloon and leave as much room as possible after the nozzle of the balloon which should be directed towards your palm, which itself should be facing you.
2- The thumb and forefinger should pinch the balloon and prevent the air from escaping. Slowly, turn your hand...
3- just a bit more... you should no longer be able to see your palm.
4- Once your hand is completely facing away from you…
5- pass your other hand over it to pick up the nozzle of the balloon.
6- Pull on the nozzle, forming a long stretch of balloon.
7- Move your fingers apart while turning your palm towards you once again.
8- Pass the long stretch of balloon just behind your middle finger...
9- Finish turning your hand so that your palm is facing you again.
10- Form a loop around your forefinger and middle finger, placing the nozzle just behind the base of the inflated part of the balloon.
11- Then feed the nozzle of the balloon through the center of the loop.
12- Once the nozzle of the balloon has passed through the loop, pick it up with your thumb and forefinger.
13- Take your fingers out of the loop so that the knot can close up completely. Having done so, now move the balloon to your other hand...
14- so you can tighten the knot properly.
15- That's all there is to it!

And that was the end of this lesson!


Document-pdf Download the PDF guide sheet with detailed photos of each step