Now here is the tutorial for Tux, the penguin that took the Solutions Linux of Paris by storm in 2012.

The software company Zarafa was giving out Tux balloon kits as freebies, and I was tasked with performing a demonstration.

Geeks love to play, and Zarafa's stand was packed!

Contrary to first impressions, this balloon figure is very easy to reproduce. Apart from the "loop division" this figure also does not use any new technique other than the ones presented in the first 2 tutorials of this series. However, just using and mixing 3 colors gives this sculpture a much more complex and complete look than all the previous ones.

(Video in French, with English subtitles)

Document-pdf PDF guide sheet with step by step instructions and photos


Basic balloon twisting techniques used in this tutorial:

Reminder: It is essential that you master these basic skills!


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