Here is a slightly more complex figure, however, all the techniques used have all been already covered in the doggy and sword tutorials

This is therefore really only a new practice exercise and a new figure to add to your 'repertoire'.

Recommendation: After following the tutorial and creating this sculpture two or three times, start over, but this time paying very close attention to those small details that make the whole difference between work that's thorough and work that's shoddy:

  • Are all the bubbles for the frog's eyes round and the same size? Or are they too long, or unequal?
  • Are the bubbles for the front legs well-proportioned and small enough? Or are they too big and difficult to fit into the hind legs, which are now too small because there wasn't really enough length remaining to make them appropriately.
  • Have the segments for the two hind legs been formed into two, long, separate bubbles? Or have they inexplicably been replaced by a single loop? What is the loop even meant to represent? Nobody knows.
  • Have the eyes been drawn widely enough? Or are they just simple black dots, almost impossible to make out?
  • Is the curve of the mouth drawn as a wave that's upturned at each end and takes up most of the available surface? Or is it just some kind of tiny semi-circle? (Tip:  Take a sheet of rough paper, and practice drawing the curve in a single stroke, several dozen times if you have to, before trying it again on the balloon)
  • etc.

Learning balloon modeling, like learning to play an instrument, develops muscle memory and dexterity. If you don't make an effort from the start to pick up the right habits and develop the right movements, you will instead pick up technical weaknesses you will have a very hard time getting rid of later on. There is no point in having hundreds of balloon sculptures in your portfolio if not one of them is carried out properly.

(Video in French, with English subtitles)


Document-pdf PDF guide sheet with detailed photos of each step


Basic balloon twisting techniques used in this tutorial:

Reminder: It is essential that you master these basic skills! Please practise these techniques until you do.


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