Here is one version of the ladybug model that is both very simple... and very popular!

The main difficulty will probably be in creating the antennae. How do you inflate just the middle part of a modeling balloon? Or, which may at first seem equally confusing, how do you form a bubble that's just at the tip of that modeling balloon?

While the technique used to project the air right where you want it may seem a bit complex for a beginner, an alternate solution is to inflate the balloon normally, then to push the air forward, manually and gradually (tediously, even), until it reaches the part of the balloon you want it to be at (this is explained a bit more in details in the pdf guide below the video). Doing so will enable you to successfully create this model.

(Video in French, with English subtitles)


Document-pdf PDF guide sheet with detailed photos of each step


Basic balloon twisting techniques used in this tutorial:






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