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And here is a great new model for beginners: the love heart.

This figure is extremely popular all year around, but even more so on Valentine's day.

This article is divided into two complementary sections: a detailled video tutorial followed by a step by step photo guide. Last but not least, a comment section has recently been added for feedback and questions.



Video Tutorial

Video in French, with English subtitles (if captions do not automatically display in your favorite language, you simply need to modify YouTube parameters at the bottom right of the video screen).

Hi! Swords? Those are for boys... What about the girls? I know, love hearts! Well, actually... That was before!

To start, inflate a balloon completely. But before tying the knot, you'll have to let out a bit of air, this leaves the balloon supple and malleable. Make sure air pressure is evenly balanced from the knot to the tip of the balloon.

Then, twist a small bubble just after the knot. Next, bring the end of the balloon beside the bubble, and embed it into the crease, so as to form another bubble. This second bubble should be a bit larger than the first.

Next, go back to the first bubble, the one ending with the knot, and make it into a pinch-twist. The pinch-twist should sit in the gap formed by the intersection of the loop and the bigger bubble.

Check one more time that the air pressure is equally distributed the full length of the loop. Then, using the middle of the loop as your bearing, grab each side of the loop in your hands, and bring them together. This way, you fold the loop into two perfectly equal parts.

Form an acute angle from this bend. Accentuate the curve of the top of each side of the love heart. To finish, look at the love heart sideways, to check its alignment, and make corrections as needed.

There! I love you!  See you soon, for another lesson... With Môssieur Ballon!

Thump thump... Thump thump...


Step-By-Step Photo Guide


making a balloon heart step 1
1- Inflate a balloon all the way, let a little air out before tying the knot so that the balloon is supple and easy to work with, and make sure air pressure is constant all along the balloon.
making a balloon heart step 2
2- Start by making a bubble, nice and round
making a balloon heart step 3
3- Bring the tip of the balloon against the crease located under the bubble.
making a balloon heart step 4
4- Wedge the tip of the balloon inside this crease, so as to create a new bubble at the end of the balloon.
making a balloon heart step 5
5- Block these two bubbles together. The second bubble will have to be a little longer than the first one.
making a balloon heart step 6
6- Turn the first bubble (the one with the knot) into a pinch-twist.
making a balloon heart step 7
7- Then, wedge the pinch-twist into the crease formed where the loop and the last bubble intersect, as shown above.
making a balloon heart step 8
8- Find the middle of the loop, located across from the bubble and pinch-twist
making a balloon heart step 9
9- Take the loop in your hands, folding the middle of the loop inward, as shown above.
making a balloon heart step 10
10- Bring the two upper sides of the loop against each other and hold them together with your support hand. The middle of the loop is now bent downwards
making a balloon heart step 11
11- Turn this bend into an acute angle with your twisting hand.
making a balloon heart step 12
12- While holding the tip of the acute angle with your support hand, use your twisting hand to accentuate the curve on the upper right (or left, whichever) side of the love heart.
making a balloon heart step 13
13- Still keeping the tip of the angle in place, swap hands and do it again; this time, exceptionnally, it's the support hand that you'll use to accentuate the curve on the other upper side of the heart, while the twisting hand will be holding the central angle of the love heart in place.
making a balloon heart last step
14- Lastly, slowly ease back on the angle which should stay in place on its own. Which should give you this beautiful love heart! Well done ! You made a beautiful balloon love heart!



Do you need more help with this tutorial ?

This article has been recently updated and a comment section has been added below to enable you to post your feedback or any question you may have regarding this tutorial. Do not hesitate to use it if you need to.

I'll be happy to help you !



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