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Short video on a very simple technique: the loop.

We have already used this very common balloon shape while making the sword, the frog and the penguin.


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Hello !

Today, we will learn a very simple technique: The loop !

Générally, we make a loop right after another bubble, whatever the size of the bubble.

To make a loop, we simply have to bend the balloon, and then, to determine the size of the loop, do exactly what we learned with the classic bubble: Press and turn !
To lock it, we simply have to join and hold together the two extremities of the loop, while we make it rotate a few times on itself, this way.

And that's all there is to it!

See you very soon, for a new lesson... with Môssieur Ballon!




Step-By-Step Photo Guide


1- To practice, inflate a balloon to any length.
2- Then start with a bubble, of any size.
3- With the portion of balloon following the bubble, form a large loop.
4- To mark the length of your loop, press on the balloon and twist it (as if you were forming a huge roundish bubble).
5- Hold the bubble against the remaining portion of balloon and twist the bubble several times around its base.
6- This gives us a loop. It's really that simple!
7- Now, if the loop is large enough and supple enough (i.e. if it's not too compressed), it can even be divided into two parts. To do this, flatten the loop bringing its center towards its base…
8- Press the center of the loop against its base so as to form a crease (and the start of two small loops) then twist one of the two small loops around its base, which will block the whole thing together.
9- And here are our two small loops!

And that was the end of this lesson!


Document pdf Download the PDF guide sheet with detailed photos of each step