Balloon modeling is easy!

And the little doggy embodies the very basics of balloon sculpture!

So it made perfect sense for Môssieur Ballon to choose this iconic model for this first video tutorial, to teach you a few basic concepts of balloon twisting!

For example, it's essential to learn how to inflate a balloon properly and control air pressure throughout the making of the balloon sculpture (or else it might burst, or conversely, undo itself).

And of course, you will learn how to make the very first basic shape in balloon modeling: the bubble (and its elongated variant, the "sausage").

To start out, a simplified version of the balloon dog will enable you to take your first steps without too much difficulty. Then, after getting the chance to practice alongside Môssieur Ballon (pausing the video if necessary), an improved version of the balloon dog will enable you to perfect your new skills.

(Video in French, with English subtitles.)


Document-pdf PDF guide sheet with detailed photos of each step


Basic balloon twisting techniques used in this tutorial:

Feel free to go over these techniques again, as one day you'll have to master them perfectly. Practice regularly... And who knows, maybe some day your balloon sculptures will end up in an exhibit at the Palace of Versailles?


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