Learn Balloon Twisting From Scratch !

The ambition of this tutorials series on balloon modelling is to enable a total beginner to engage in this fun activity, and to help him progress rapidly while building a veritable technical and artistic mastery.

Balloon modeling is easy!

And the little doggy embodies the very basics of balloon sculpture!

A real winner with most children, this is another very easy figure to make.

Here is a slightly more complex figure, however, all the techniques used have all been already covered in the doggy and sword tutorials

Here is another very nice an easy model for beginners.

Now here is the tutorial for Tux, the penguin that took the Solutions Linux of Paris by storm in 2012.

This is a very basic tutorial about making balloon knots which a number of (early) beginners often find challenging.

The absolute basic skill for balloon twisting: how to make bubbles.

This is a review of a very simple technique: how to give a curve to a segment of balloon.

We briefly went over this idea of folding balloons recently, during the penguin tutorial, and earlier during the sword tutorial.

Air pressure control in balloon twisting

This is probably the most important basic technique that a twister should know and master.

Comment faire une boucle en ballon

Short video on a very simple technique: the loop.

La bulle tulipe

Here is the last basic technique a beginner should master in the course of this primer series on balloon twisting: the tulip twist.

This is the regular version of the flower done by most ballooners, however regular does not necessarily rimes with easy.

Here is another simple model for beginners: the giraffe with only 1 balloon.

And here is a great new model for beginners: the love heart. 

Here is one version of the ladybug model that is both very simple... and very popular!

This is a version of the butterfly which I particularly like.

A realistic balloon snake that is easy to make.

Another popular model... a cute little fish!




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