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Learn Balloon Twisting From Scratch

This book is an invitation to reproduce 12 adorable balloon figures, and in so doing enabling you to master 8 fundamental balloon twisting skills.

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For your comfort and to ensure your success, an abundant collection of clear and crisp photos are documenting each learning step with full details.

"The ambition of these lessons is to offer you simple balloon figures that can be realised quite rapidly and yet are effective, artistic and truly beautiful."

"If you are new at balloon twisting, I warmly encourage you to follow these tutorials in the order in which they are presented. This progressive learning curve has been designed to enable you to start balloon twisting really from scratch and yet, you should quite rapidly acquire a definite mastery in this most original art."

"And although these lessons have been conceived with absolute beginners in mind, some of the more advanced folks may still benefit from the numerous tips and reminders being offered."


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