It is now offical, becomes!

What's new:

  • Môssieur Ballon speaks English now. With the present trend towards globalization, and especially after a trip to India that brought him a new English-speaking public, it was important to offset the linguistic limitations of the older website, symbolically represented by its suffix. More importantly, the older French website has been almost entirely translated in English, except for a few blog articles, now obsolete. The switch from one language to the other is done through the drop-down menu located on the top right side, above each page.
  • A new photo section has been created: the photo mosaic. All the photos from Môssieur Ballon's work have been gathered together in one central place so that you could consult them easily without having to frequently navigate from one section to another. Of course, the older galery with photos organized by category is still available for anyone who needs to find a visual that fits a specific theme.
  • A new tutorial was put online: Balloon Twisting From Scratch 11 - Skill 6: Air Pressure Control.
  • A new PDF step by step guide sheet with detailed photos has been published to complete one of our older tutorial, how to make a balloon sword.

We wish you a great time on Môssieur Ballon's new website!







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