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un tableau noir sur lequel il est écrit "What's next"
Image par Gerd Altmann de Pixabay

And what future for this site?

As I told you in my last article, a page is turning, a new one is being written.

After a good twenty years, tens of thousands of kilometers and hundreds of thousands of balloons, I want to change gears!

But you are going to say to me: "What, Môssieur Ballon? Are you stopping the balloons?" No, no, no ! I assure you, I'm not stopping the balloons at all, on the contrary... I'm going to multiply them through you.

Let me explain.

The idea, so that you can do the same and therefore multiply me, is to share with you all my experience and my know-how. I have already started a bit on my YouTube channel, with these little balloon twisting tutorials that I was publishing whenever I was finding a little time between two balloon tours (or between two renovation projects on an old 17th century house, another one of my somewhat time-consuming occupations).

Therefore, I want to transform this website. Until now, it was mainly a showcase for my professional activity. It was first of all a portfolio that allowed my clients, themselves often other professionals, to find me, see the quality of my work and consult my availability to then hire me.

But that was before. The future site will be more user-friendly and educational and will focus solely on the artistic apprenticeship of ballooning in all its forms and shapes. There will therefore be on the program not only balloon twisting, but also balloon decoration,  some basic ones like garlands, arches, etc, and some more advanced, like giant animals or objects, performances, and magical scenery... Everything I know, all done with balloons of course.

Now, everything will not be done in one day, I will surely need a bit of time to set up this program. It will happen little by little.

But in the immediate future, on the technical side, I wanted a site that was faster and more suitable for small screens, which are the majority of those we use today. The new site is therefore hosted on a more powerful platform, and built with more modern tools.

As for the content, at first, the only things I will keep from the old site are the tutorials, and maybe two or three blog posts that could still be useful for one reason or another. In addition, all articles and tutorials will now be open for public comment. Thus, all your questions and my answers in relation to a specific tutorial will be just below and may be useful to newcomers.

These few changes will already constitute a solid base, on which something very cool can be built. But I won't tell you more for the moment.

After this appetizer, I leave you and go back to it. There is still a lot to do if I want to be ready for February 1st.

Oh yes by the way, it's scheduled for February 1st!

See you soon,

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