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You love a certain twisting model, but you are not sure how to do it?  Let me know me if you want it added to the list of the soon-to-be-published tutorials.

Choose the next tutorial to publish

un point d'interrogation fait avec un ballon à sculpter

After having published the tutorial on dinosaurs, I was wondering what to publish next. I was hesitating between the monkey, the turtle and the spider and I asked you, if you had any preference among those 3 modèles, to not hesitate to let me know so that I could decide which one to choose.

As you can see, I receive quite a few suggestions, not only in the comment section (many from the French side of the site), but also by mail.

Shorter videos

From now on, I will try to make shorter videos which, I hope, will help me to make more. 

This is why I'm planning not to spend so much time anymore on the basic balloon techniques (since I already have done quite a few on the subject). I'll just mention each one as I use it and will provide links towards each respective tutorial in an appendix.

This is why I started this new format: Twist 1 balloon in less than 3 minutes. Here again, don't hesitate to let me know what you think of it as well.

I'm even thinking of another series that could be called "No comment". Some simpler tutorials would be excellent candidates for this kind of series and I could respond to your requests a bit faster. Let's see what happens.

Listing of tutorials to come

Here is the listing of the tutorials you suggested so far, and their stage of progress:

Tutorial: Suggested by: Progress:
A sailboat Marie Completed & published.
A turtle BornerLine Completed & published.
A crossbow Courbin Completed & published.
A monkey Gouiran Completed & published in  "YT Short" version - Complete tutorial in the new balloon twisting course - Available soon
A rabbit Mary Completed & published in "YT Short" version - Complete tutorial in the new balloon twisting course - Available soon
A bow Courbin Completed & published  in "small informal version"
A plane Mamie Bulle Completed & published  in "small informal version"
A spider Courbin Completed & published.
A deer Courbin Edition stage
A belt to hold the sword Jessica Remi Edition stage
A dragon Courbin To do - No date at the moment
A chameleon Sarah Nightingale To do - No date at the moment


I'll keep this list updated, as your suggestions come up. Of course, those tentative dates are subjects to changes, but I'll try, as much as possible, to keep them.

See you soon,