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This is a preview of the next video tutorial I'm preparing for you... with a little bonus!

un diplodocus et un vélociraptor en sculpture de ballons

Much like what we saw with the lion (and the tiger) as well as with the unicorn (and the horse)  this is a twin tutorial about dinosaurs.  

Same concept as before, you will first learn how to make a friendly looking diplodocus, and then, once you have mastered it, you will apply a couple simple changes that will transform it into a fierce velociraptor.

Actually, I realized afterwards that I could even have done a triple tutorial since this is the same base I use  to make dragons, one of the models that children often ask me for in animations. But, I thought of it a bit too late so I might do it another time if there is enough requests for it.

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By the way, once the dinosaurs' video is completed and uploaded, I was wondering about the next video I should work on. I'm hesitating between the monkey, the turtle or the spider, so if you have a preference among these three models (or any other model of your choice), do not hesitate to let me know in your comments below, that will help me to decide.

Smaller videos

From now on, I will try to make shorter videos which, I hope, will help me to make more.  This is why I'm planning not to spend so much time anymore on the basic balloon techniques (since I already have done quite a few on the subject). I'll just mention each one as I use it and will provide links towards each respective tutorial in an appendix. On the other hand, I will keep the step by step photo guide as detailled as usual.

The bonus

Oh by the way... that reminds me about the bonus I promised you! Well, promises are meant to be kept, so here it is: the step by step photo guide that goes with the dinosaurs' tutorial is ready and you can already download it by clicking on the link below. It will serve as an appetizer while you wait for the video.

Download the photo guide tutorial on dinosaurs

Before download...

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Well, have fun with this new tutorial, and don't forget to tell me which would be the next tutorial you would like me to work on:  the monkey, the turtle, the spider, the dragon, or a complete different model?

Just let me know,



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