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A small shoot growing out of an old stump.
Photo credits: aKs_phOtOs

The new site is online and operational since Monday.

What was kept

This new site builds on the precedent one and therefore retains its quintessence: the entire collection of balloon twisting tutorials.

A large part of the photos have also been kept, you will find them in the Photos-> Archives menu.

What is new

End of advertising inserts! I had never noticed it until recently, because I usually use large screens more regularly than small ones, but the advertising that I had set up on my website was particularly intrusive on mobile phones. I therefore prefer to remove it completely for the moment until I find a better monetization solution.

A comment section has been added under all tutorials and blog posts. To avoid spam and other such inconveniences, it will be necessary to provide an e-mail address and to accept the rules of confidentiality before using it.

Who says collection of personal data says respect for the GDPR. It was therefore necessary to activate and set up a mechanism to secure any personal data collected. Of course, this mechanism allows any person concerned to have access to their own data, to export them or to delete them if necessary.

Last, but not least, support for accessibility makes it now possible to adjust contrasts, the size of the characters or the cursor, to add a reading guide and even to activate text-to-speech.

Other points of interest

The site remained multilingual: French, English and Spanish.

I am (perfectly?) bilingual, being French by birth and married to a subject of her British Majesty. Please note that I put bilingual in parentheses, because if I master English quite well, on the other hand I'm far from being an expert in grammar, much less in literature (just like with French actually). Nonetheless, this allows me to manage these two website's languages ​​quite easily.

The Spanish part, on the other hand, was put online a few years ago thanks to the participation of my daughter Sarah. She then had more time at her disposal, which is no longer the case today. So contrary to the other two languages, the Spanish part will probably not grow very much. I nevertheless hope that in its present state, it will still be useful for some folks, which is why I decided to keep it.

Conclusion :

There are still a few minute details "under the hood" to take care of, but the most important part is done. This new version constitutes mainly a first structural step, the implementation of a new architecture.

This first step completed, I will now be able to devote myself more easily to the publication of new educational content.

In the meanwhile, if you notice any bugs, for example in navigation or other inconsistencies, please let me know so that I can take care of them.



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