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Amazing balloon real-size Autumn decoration with magic tree and house
Memories from my shows in Besançon (France) - October 2014

Digest of the latest news...

As is now the custom, this quarterly post summarizes my latest projects and news.

New section for site members

To respond more easily to the requests for advice or for new tutorials that I receive from time to time, I have created a new section of quick tips, where I will regroup together short articles or very simple videos.

I've chosen to reserve this section for members of the site, who for the most part have largely mastered the basics of balloon twisting, and therefore won't really need an abundance of superfluous advice or detail.


a true-to-life looking spider made in balloon-twisting

The last tutorials

There has been five new tutorials these last few weeks :

1- Members only

2- General public

As always, each video is published in French, and features French and English subtitles. Tutorials for the general public are accompanied by a photo guide where each step is abundantly illustrated and detailed (in French or in English).

One important novelty... I generally offer the download of these PDF guides for free, however the new PDF guide of the spider will be downloadable for the modest sum of 3 €. Since it consists of close to a hundred photos on fifteen pages you can imagine that it represents a significant amount of work. Asking a small contribution for this type of more elaborate tutorial will allow me to continue to offer you a quality website free from any advertising. I therefore warmly encourage you to buy it, thank you in advance!!

L'école du ballon (The balloon art school)

balloon course

With the Christmas animations which have resumed after a halt of nearly two years, the official release of the online courses, which I hoped to publish before the end of the year, has been somewhat delayed.

Now that things are much calmer, I'm back at it and I am currently fine-tuning the last details.

It won't be much longer now... Expect some good news very soon!!

Have a great day,



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