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Balloon flowers in a balloon heart

It's almost Valentine's Day, why not offer also an original balloon creation to your sweetheart ?

You still have a full week to prepare for it. Enough time, if you haven't already, to find some twisting balloons, a pump and practice making balloon flowers. This will be an opportunity to learn or review some basic balloon twisting techniques: the tulip-twists and the loops.

You can either offer a single flower or offer an entire bouquet. In that case you will just have to vary the colors a little, use dark green or light green for the stems if you want to stay classic, or, if you prefer to think outside the box you can use any other color of your choice. For the petals, there is no lack of choice, red, fuchsia, blue, white, yellow, orange, purple, etc.

And to top it off, why not make an arrangement of flowers inside a heart? This will also be an opportunity to review or learn two other essential techniques in balloon sculpture: pinch-twists and curves.

Here are some simple ideas that will allow you not only to please and surprise, but also to learn or review several essential balloon twisting techniques.

I wish you a very happy Valentine's Day,



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