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Screenshot of the new "Downloads" section on Môssieur Ballon's website

For those among you that come regularly on this website, you may have noticed that a new section called  "Downloads" has recently been added.

Actually, I have been offering quite a few downloads for many years now, mainly the PDF photo guides that complement each of my tutorials. With time, a majority of these PDF guides have been included in the first volume of the book "Learn Balloon Twisting from Scratch" that was also offered as a free download.

Problems with the previous system

However, the links to these free downloads were scattered in different articles and therefore were not always found so easily. Paradoxically, if these downloads were not highlighted enough in the eyes of my own audience, they did not escape the attention of certain parasite sites which do not bother themselves with the creation of content and even less with their hosting, and prefer setting direct links to the source and thereby significantly strain the bandwidth of my website.

To limit this unwanted strain, I set up a new system in February which instituted the request for an email address where a temporary and personalized download link could be sent. On the other hand, this system had a major disadvantage, it was necessary each time to enter your email address again for each new download. .

This is how I have seen some of you, my most frequent users and faithful fans, enter the same email address more than ten times a day for each new download.

Needless to say, a better solution had to be found, hence this new download section. All previous downloads are still available there for free, but after creating an account, which is also free.

Advantages with the new solution

Straight from the start I think there are 4 notable advantages to this new system:

  1. All available downloads are now centralized in one place. It will be easier for you to see what is most useful to you and what is not.
  2. All you have to do now is register on the site once and for all, and once connected, you can do several downloads without having to enter your email address each time.
  3. On another level, but just as practical, you can now freely leave your comments following each article without having to give your email address each time to the anti-spam system either.
  4. Last, but not least, you now have your own private space, where you can not only find find all your downloads and subscriptions, but also have access to your personal data that you can modify as you wish or even revoke at any time, in full agreement with the GDPR.


PS: October 7th 2022

The "Download" section has now been renamed "Shop" in preparation for the soon coming arrival of some paying items, such as the new balloon courses.





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