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Challenged by a convention-goer at the 2012 Solutions Linux convention at the Center of New Industries and Technologies in La Défense, Paris, Môssieur Ballon created a balloon model of the GNU gnu, mascot of the Free Software Foundation. This pleased Free Software enthusiasts to no end.


The two mascots of the GNU/Linux operating system, together for the occasion. Tux was woven by professional ballooner Stéphane Robin, who had come to give Môssieur Ballon some backup at the 2012 Solutions Linux convention in La Défense, Paris. Môssieur Ballon was there both as a balloon artist and an IT counselor.

GNU's Not Unix

GNU, the mascot of the Free Software movement. Another version made with modeling balloons taken from a different angle to show off the addition of a little goatee.

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