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The Pink Panther

And here is an updated version of the Pink Panther balloon sculpture.

Betty Boop

Betty Boop, the Queen of the Animated Screen created by Max Fleischer, as an all-color balloon sculpture. Initially depicted as a 1920's flapper, her cameo appearance in Popeye the Sailor as an islander in a grass skirt gave a boost to Popeye's popularity in the mid-1930s, while her own started to wane with the heavy restrictions brought on by the advent of the Hays Code.


Môssieur Ballon made this balloon sculpture of Diddl with a mix of round balloons and modeling balloons. Created by German author Thomas Goletz in the early 1990's, Diddl-Maus was initially meant to be a kangaroo, before his design changed to look more like a jumping mouse, with its larger hind legs. Its popularity then spread through western Europe during the 90's. While there were comics starring Diddl and other characters, like his girlfriend Diddlina, it's the merchandise that left a long-lasting impression. If you were a kid growing up in the late 90's, chances are one of your classmates owned either a Diddl pencil case, a Diddl backpack, a Diddl diary, a Diddl plushie... or all of the above. Tragically, production of the merch was ended in 2014.

Child with rose

In Môssieur Ballon's workshop... Experimentation with a new balloon modeling technique for creating detailed facial features on a balloon character. Here, a boy holding a rose.

The Grinch

Balloon sculpture of the Grinch, one of the most iconic characters of children's author Dr. Seuss starring in his 1957 book, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The Grinch's characterization and backstory was later adapted and updated with Jim Carrey's performance in the 2000 movie The Grinch.

Mickey Mouse

Now this one is a very common request during balloon twisting events. Mickey Mouse is one of those animated characters who was able to stand the test of time, and is just as popular with the children today as he was 80 years ago.

Pink Panther

The Pink Panther, calm and phlegmatic as usual, perched on Môssieur Ballon's upturned umbrella.

The Magic Roundabout

Here's a balloon sculpture of Dougal the dog, made in Montaigu in 2005 for the theatrical release of the film adaptation of The Magic Roundabout (Pollux, Le Manège Enchanté). The original Magic Roundabout series date back to the 1960's, and featured characters such as Dougal/Pollux the dog, Brian/Ambroise the snail, and Dylan/Flappy the rabbit. First produced for the French ORTF by Serge Daniot, featuring voice acting for each character, the rights to the animations were then sold to the BBC. However, the scripts weren't included in the contract, and when the BBC realized this they decided they didn't want to spend extra money to buy and translate them. Because of this, the BBC version had completely new storylines, narrated in voiceover, based on what seemed to be happening onscreen. On both sides of the Channel, the show was a hit with children and adults alike.


Here's Popeye the sailor man, proudly standing atop Môssieur Ballon's umbrella stand.

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