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Bertrand, emcee at the Foire de la Saint Brice in Geneston, near Nantes, and his caricature made by balloon modeling.


Balloon caricature of Bob, a reggae musician and well-known Rastafarian. Three guesses.

Monsieur Bonnet

Mr. Bonnet, current CEO of Bonnet fitted kitchens, and his balloon-modeled caricature. The company has greatly contributed over the years to the fame of the Foire de la Saint Brice, which draws in several thousand people each year.

Môssieur Ballon's Mini Me

Môssieur Ballon's self-caricature, made with modeling balloons at a commercial center in Saint Nazaire where he's performed many times. Balloon caricatures have what we French call a certain "I don't know what."

Môssieur Ballon and Mini-Me

Môssieur Ballon and Mini-Me stopping for a picture, just the two of them.

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