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Making a balloon dog

To learn how to make this little balloon dog, visit the "Tutorial" section on Môssieur Ballon's website.

Making a balloon frog

You can learn to make these balloon frogs too by visiting the "Tutorials" section on Môssieur Ballon's website.


This balloon dinosaur is a big hit with the kids.

La Trompette d'Occasion

A nice, sunny afternoon on the beaches of Noirmoutier Island for Môssieur Ballon, walking around the beach with the jazz band "La Trompette d'Occasion" ("the seconnd-hand trumpet"), playing music and handing out balloon animals to the delight of holidaymakers and their children.

Môssieur Ballon in the newpaper
During one of his many animations for children in commercial galleries, Môssieur Ballon, photographed here by regional newspaper Ouest France, gives a little balloon dog to a child while his mother looks on, delighted.
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